📹Exam Room and Lecture Hall Problems

Camera is not being shared on Mac/PC.

If your camera is not being shared, it is likely due to security settings. Please check the following settings:

If you are using Chrome, Edge Chrome, Naver Whale, or other Chromium-based browsers:

  • Type chrome://settings/content/camera in the address bar and go to the page. Check if the following settings are enabled:

    • "Ask before accessing" is enabled.

    • There are no blocked sites, including elice.io, in the list.

  • If the camera is still not being shared, check the icon in the bottom right corner of the address bar. If it is blocked, click on it and allow the camera access.

I keep seeing an error message saying the microphone or camera cannot be found.

If you are experiencing issues with your microphone or camera, please check your device settings. You can choose which microphone or camera to use in the device settings.

  • You can access the device settings by clicking on the device settings icon in the classroom.

  • By default, the front-facing camera is selected.

Screen sharing is not available on smartphones.

Screen sharing is not supported on smartphones.

Screen sharing is not available.

If screen sharing is not available, please check your security settings.

  • For MacOS:

    • Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Check if Chrome is selected.

The test start time has arrived, but I cannot take the test.

If you cannot take the test even though the test start time has arrived, please check the time settings on your computer. The computer's time and time zone must be set correctly.

  • For Windows 10:

  • Check if "Set time automatically" and "Set time zone automatically" are enabled.

  • For MacOS:

    • Click on "Open Date & Time Preferences".

    * Check if "Set date and time automatically" is enabled.

  • Check if the time zone is set correctly.

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